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James Ruddle

I am a Christian visual artist that uses various media and I am called to bring the gospel and show people the light of Christ through my art. I am a traditionally trained Artist that graduated with Honours from McMaster University Fine Arts Program. My work can be defined as a Process of Creation of not only drawing, painting, printmaking and Sculpture but also Video, media, installation and Blow Torch Performance Art.

Fire is a mesmerizing element in life and art. It is calming yet destructive, beautiful, but also dangerous. The contrast that it creates is overpowering both as a light source and its symbolism. Since I was a child, I have always been enamored and inspired by it. Fire, flame and light at their core are something we all need to survive and their symbolism in Christianity in are key metaphors to explain my faith. For these reason’s light, fire and contrast are a part of my artistic medium it is my wish for them to shine throughout my body of work. The process of creation is of most importance to me, and the end product is only an addition but not the sole purpose of my artistic creation.


Artists Medium and Process:

Burn paintings are created through the process of burning images onto the canvas. Preparatory sketches are first drafted and are later drawn with pencil onto the raw canvas. Once the pencil drawing is on the canvas, a blow torch is used to carefully burn the contour lines and details of the image. Following the burning of these finer details, dark values are scorched with the blow torch onto the canvas. This process creates the under-burning, also known as the under-painting in traditional painting methods. With the under-burning complete, pigments are added to the canvas. The types of pigments used are crushed charcoal, India inks, crushed tempura and acrylic, all mixed with large amounts of water. Finally, after all the pigments have been added, a torch is again used to give the painting a burnt finish.

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