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Easter Weekend at C4 Church

Image published on April 24, 2014

This Post Is taken from Chris from Canada's Blog

I love Easter. That’s no secret. Every Sunday is awesome and every big Sunday is awesome but there are so many things about Easter that get me so fired up.

Why do I love Easter? Here’s a short list:

  • Celebrating the resurrection of Jesus is always at the top of the list

  • People come excited to worship God

  • Lots of visitors come to church and we get to invite them to give their lives to Christ

Behind all this, though, is the fundamental truth that every Sunday is Easter Sunday. (I’ve written about this before in an article I called Easter Sunday Is A Lie.) Without the resurrection, there is no church. Without the resurrection, there is no celebration. Without the resurrection, Jesus is dead and the story is over.

Every Sunday is Resurrection Sunday.

But! I still love celebrating Easter because it’s our Super Bowl. It’s our Independence Day. It’s our.. whatever celebration you’ve got, ramp it up times 10 or 100 or 1000 and that’s just the beginning of how we should celebrate Easter Sunday.

So how did we celebrate at C4 Church? Oh you can be sure we celebrated.

The centrepiece of our celebration on both Good Friday and Easter Sunday was a video created by our artists. Birthed by the vision of a 14′ high cross as an installation art piece, our team worked to produce this video. We showed the first half on Friday, the full video on Sunday.

This video has definitely struck a chord with people – right now it’s had over 1300 views in a few days since Easter!

The response was powerful. We had people on both days give their lives to Christ. God used the work of our hands to bring them to a place where they knew they needed to do exactly what this video talks about – repent, believe, confess.

Photo by James Adams

We also installed the cross from the video in our lobby and watching people interact with this piece was pretty awesome. It was very visible and commanded everyone’s attention as soon as they walked in the front doors.

I’m so thankful for Easter. I’m so thankful for the resurrection of Jesus. I’m so thankful for my church. I’m so thankful that people met Jesus for the very first time this weekend. I’m so thankful that He’s allowed us to be part of this. What a gift.

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