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Speed painting: is an artistic technique where the artist has a limited time to finish the work. The Performance time can vary, usually a duration is set from several minutes to a few hours. Unlike sketches, speed paintings may be considered "finished" after the time limit is up- it is generally accepted among painters that if a piece is altered after the allotted time, it can no longer be truly considered a speedpainting.


I do two different style of performance speed painting. The first can be anywhere for 7-20 minutes and I do it to music or in front of a band. The second can be anywhere from 1-2 hours and then I have had the painting auctioned off afterwards pay out can be negotiated in a contract. Either of these two can be options, and depending on fire codes, I can also paint with a Blow torch and have done so at a few events.

1 day Corporate Events in Canada:  $1000 per painting session for Corporate events plus any transportation and accommodation cost for me to get there. 

Multi day Corporate in Canada: $1000 + $500 per extra day



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