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The Gospel Is a short video that I produced in 2014 for C4 Church Easter Weekend. I first began to develop the idea of the cross in a painting I did 2011. I had a vision of the whole sculpture for about 1 month in 2013 and was based on the scripture from John 12:32 And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me.
I had this idea of everything and everyone being drawn towards the cross. The cross was made up of 21 different parts that were all initially based on general sins that we all must submit to Christ before we become saved. The idea is that as we become christians are old self is destroyed and the Holy Spirit gives us all Gifts of the Spirit. We do not all received the same gifts but as a church the whole body is givien different gifts to help it run. Like wheels in a cog we are all being drawn into Christ and as we mature we become more like him. 


Concept : James Ruddle
Vision and Direction : James Ruddle 
Artist / Sculptor: James Ruddle
Director of Film : Matti Haapoja
Set up / Rigging: James Adams, Tom Cabral
Edit: Matti Haapoja
Sound Design: Matti Haapoja
Sound mixing: Matti Haapoja
Voice Over: Eric Hutchings
C4 organizer of volunteers: Joanna la Fleur

Produced for C4 Church. Filmed on the Sony FS-700

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